Why should you make the move
from Opencart to Shopify?

Easy to use

Changing platforms has never been easier. Simple yet functional settings and features make it a great way to build your business. Unlimited site hosting and unlimited bandwidth make it the ideal choice for your website. It also allows you to integrate your domain from any hosting service with just a few clicks.

Seamless app integrations

Boost the way your website performs or add new features with our one-click install apps. Make your website as feature-rich as you want with our wide array of third-party app integrations.

Flexible and customizable designs

Robust and beautiful designs can change the way your customer uses your store. Easy to customize, every theme is equipped with a number of variants which help you design your website in the most unique manner possible. Upload images, add or edit content and layout with a few clicks.

Marketing and SEO tools to improve your visibility

Make your store more visible and powerful in the online world with in-built marketing and SEO tools. Garner deep insights into which platforms work better for you, and where your visits are from to help align your marketing strategy.

100% secure and safe to use

Give your users a safe and secure experience with our PCI and SSL security features. Shopify is built to provide first class experiences. From visiting to order processing, every data you enter is fully secured.

Feel the power of the world's leading platform!

70+ Professional Themes

70+ Professional Themes

Create dynamic websites and beautiful pages with a wide variety of industry-tailored themes!

Multi-Platform Selling Options

Multi-Platform Selling Options

Sell everywhere with one account! In-person, on social media, via marketplaces or on your website!

Single Dashboard Management

Single Dashboard Management

Bring everything you need to make the right business decisions under one tab with Shopify’s multi-faceted dashboard integration!

Single Dashboard Management

Maketing Tools

Bring everything you need to make the right business decisions under one tab with Shopify’s multi-faceted dashboard integration!

SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly

Be ready for the competition with SEO friendly pages. These are easy to add and edit!

Secure and Safe Experience

Secure and safe Experience

Powered with PCI Scan and SSL Security, Shopify ensures your users’ details are safe every time!

Intergrated  Applications

Intergrated Applications

Tailor your website to your needs with a wide range of apps that cater to your every requirement.

Easy Migration

Easy Migration

Change from any platform to Shopify with its easy to use migration facilities.

What does Quartrdesign do for you?

Complete product migration

We make it super easy to transfer all your product data to Shopify and keep it functional

New design development

We help you change the way your website looks with dynamic design options

Logistics and Payment integrations

End-to-end construction of your order process and migration of relevant services and apps can be done

Customer data migration

Keep your customer data safe with our easy migration techniques

SEO retention

Keep your website visible on search engines with our SEO retention services

Switch to the more scalable ecommerce platform!

Migrate to Shopify today!